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Our Commitment to Diversity,
Equity and Inclusion

Wildlife rehabilitation and the appreciation of the biodiversity of species have been recognized as integral to proper animal care and protocols. Where the industry has fallen short is on recognizing the need for a climate of diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout wildlife rehabilitation hospitals. Our goal at Park City Hummingbird Hospital is to embrace and nurture diversity, equity, and inclusion. We recognize that different cultures may have unique perspectives on wildlife and their care. We are committed to actively learning and respecting these diverse viewpoints and integrating them into our hospital's practice. We believe everyone, regardless of their background, should have access to education about wildlife and the opportunity to get involved in its conservation. Park City Hummingbird Hospital will actively mentor and support individuals from diverse backgrounds who are interested in pursuing careers in wildlife rehabilitation. PCHH is committed to implementing inclusive policies through out our organization. We have developed strict anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies, ensuring equitable access to opportunities for all staff members and volunteers, and actively seek input from diverse voices when making important decisions. PCHH engages in strong relationships within the diverse community in Summit County.  Engaging with local communities and respecting their needs is vital to the success of our conservation efforts. PCHH is committed to ongoing education and internal monitoring on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion and provides ongoing training and resources to improve our understanding and ability to contribute to DEI initiatives. 

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